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George mercado

A simple man on a spiritual journey.

A Simple man

I am not a stong man, nor a weak man. I am but a simple man on a journey in life.  I truly do not care what otherx think or say of me. As I have no time for the emotional outbursts or rants from others, nor the drama they spew. My purpose is to exist, to inspire, to love, to motivate, and to provide light to those in darkness. If my photography makes someone smile, think or merely day dream. I have completed my purpose to touch the life of another, to take them away from what is to what can be.

My camera is my tool, my soul the vehicle, and my passion the fuel. I have no hidden agenda, nor any intent to seek fame or fortune. I aim only to be who I am, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. A man who isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and emotions, nor his accomplishments and failures. After all, a success story was never created by success alone, but the failure they overcame.

The adventures I pursue define my growth, the photos I capture document my memories, and the steps I take remind me of where I have been. Like memories that fade in time, each photo I share is a reminder of my legacy. They are but mere fragments of time that I leave behind like scattered pages that tell a story.

A story I leave for my son and for all who truly care to browse my work. I do so in hope that it may inspire others to do the same. After all we all have stories to tell, and pages to fill within our chapter of life.