An Incredible Journey # 2: (2021)

I would rather be out here than in society.

It is not the journey in life that define us, but rather it is the steps we take that do. 


Run free, feel the grass under your toes and the wind in your hair.
Find serenity wherever you she may be, where you may roam without care.
Traverse the mountains, explore the forests, valleys and creeks.
Escape into the bosom of nature, where in silence you will hear God speak.

 – George Mercado

live, love and create memories

Because nothing in life is guaranteed, except for this very moment we reside in.

The Promised land : (2023)

Home is where your heart lies, where serenity exists.

It is that which comes our naturally, that which sparks your fire and passion. that which will set you free.

In Search of Serenity – Delicate Arch : (2021)

There is light within the darkness

Allow the beautiful experiences of life, to change you for the best, so that it may define you in the future. 

Timpson Falls, Georgia : (2022)

Our comfort zone is nothing more than a prison.

Even when we are at our worst, we should venture forth to become healed by nature. 

A day with Dusty Crum : (2022)

Birds of a feather, do flock together.

There is a sense of happiness one achieves when you associate with those who have the same passions and love as you do. 

In Search for Serenity – MOAB : (2021)

I walked the desert to fight my demons

Sometimes we just venture off to clear our minds, to face the demons that reside within us all. 

Fish Eating Creek with Kristin Mora : (2021)

Friendships bonded by love, surpass time and place. 

One will never truly phantom what it is to be alive, than when one looses themselves in nature. 

In Search for Serenity – Phantom Canyon : (2021)

Each step you talk, each mile you traverse. 

Sometimes it is best to simply allow your intuition to guide you, to show what you will not normally see. 

An Incredible Journey # 1: (2021) 

Within our darkest hour, a light will shine.

Within the heart of Covid, we left the madness of society behind to chase a dream, and to bond with nature.

Film your story, document your existence and leave a trial for the world to follow.

– George Mercado