In Search of Serenity Trip – Colorado : (2021)

Exploring Phantom Canyon Road

Canyon Creek & Victor Gold Mining

When James Bennett told me that we should check out Phantom Canyon Rd. Fahad and I jumped at the opportunity without a second thought. We were beyond elated when he kindly tossed us the keys to his Chevy avalanche for the trip. We did not rent a car on this trip due to low finances, so James was kind enough to supply us with one of his rides.  Thank you Brother!!!

Phantom Canyon rd, was an oil mining road that connected numerous old towns together, and is 29.5-mile from point-to-point in length. It is surely a scenic road to travel upon with great history and its own ghost stories to share. Only a few towns remain from back then like Cripple Creek and Victor, others sadly faded in time.  

– George Mercado

Gold Mining

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The Unexpected Trip

When God puts you on the path of adventure, it just spontaneosly happens. Your intuition guides you to places you have never seen before, and the end results can be quite wonderful. What began as an exploratory trip through Phantom Canyon rd, ended up with us visiting Victor Colorado.  A beautifully, small quaint mining town, one that was full of history and good old fashion hospitality.

It was surely a trip that Fahad and I would never forget. In Victor, we browsed the businesses, visited the local musuem, panned for gold, hiked over to the mining area and even took a gold train ride around the town. It was a great place to visit, a phenomenal experience and a location I would surely return to with my family.

– George Mercado


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“An unplanned adventure can lead to unimageable experiences”

– George Mercado