Timpson Falls (2023)


The Hidden Waterfall

As we proceeded forward making our way through the backcountry roads of the Georgia Traverse.  Timpsom falls was not on our agenda, we had no plans to visit this location, nor had we any knowledcge of it.  It popped up on our navigation as we were looking for another destination. So we instead took a leap of faith and drove off to explore the Timpson falls.  While everything was going as planned, the GPS path came to a stop at the entrance of a private property. It seems, that we alas could go no further and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by a group of small barking dogs.

The owner came out, and I introduced myself to her. I as well apologized for being near her property. I explained to her who we were and that we were looking for the falls, also that the GPS ended here. She then told us that it was indeed private property, but that we were free to cross her land to see it.  We were truly elate by this news, thanked her immensely, packed our gear and headed off to find this amazing gem hidden from the view of the standard tourists.


– George Mercado



More Photos to be Uploaded

“The land of giants, the garden of the gods leaves you speechless.”

– George Mercado