To some, it is a dirt road, to others a mere trail or path. A simple winding natural trail that traverses through the thick of nature. A roadway that allows us to partake in the simplicity of life, for it reminds us what living is.

To others, it is far more, it is an obstacle yet surpassed, a metaphor of life, or the doorway to a spiritual journey. A moment in time where we come to push our limits on the path less traveled. Where every step brings us closer to inner peace.

It reminds us of how beautiful the world is away from society and the madness that dwells there. There is a sense of freedom that flows within you, a sense of excitement, fear, and adventure. Not knowing what lurks around the next bend, is what drives us forth. Within an instance, it can be a sight to behold or a run-in with danger. The uncertainty is what pushes us on, the hunger, the thirst, the challenge to push our body to new limits.

Mere words can never define the feeling nor mindset, nor could a simple image ever capture our experience. It is a moment in time that will forever remain in our hearts. a simple shard of the past caught within a fraction of a second.