There will be individuals who go will through a lifetime dreaming of places and things they will never reach. There will be others who thumb down the adventures of others, out of spite and animosity. They do not like to see the happiness in others.

Then there will be those who throw care to the wind, and venture forth blindly into the unknown. The wind on their back, the sun in their face, and the Lord walking by their side. They will risk unforeseen perils and overcome obstacles with faith in their hearts. They do so in order to find a fraction of serenity within barren wastelands. They do so in order to inspire others to go live their lives, explore their horizons and discover the promise land called nature.

After all, we have but one life to live, live it as it was meant to be lived. Do not wait until you are too old to discover the healing touch of nature and the beauty GOD created for us.