In a perfect world I could sit upon the sand and watch my child run carefree along the shores of the ocean. I would not worry about him being endangered by the outside world. I would not be concerned about lacking a roof over our heads or having food on our table. I would live free, with no fear of ill intent by others. I would simply enjoy every aspect of life, of living, of loving, instead of worrying about a world gone insane.

In a perfect world there would be no anarchy, no hate, no division, no fear. We would all exist with empathy in mind, as we helped each other to arise, while lifting each other up. We would be closer to our maker, closer to that which unites us all as one and we would have no fear.

Yet alas, a perfect world does not exist, not within the land of the living. That is a false illusion conjured up by our minds in hope of keeping our sanity in check. So we do what we can to press forward. Taking each day one at a time, while thanking God for the life and opportunities we have.

George Mercado